Teen pushed off bridge said seeing video is shocking: 'I was just thinking of what to do'

Jordon Holgerson recovering in the hospital - KATU image.jpg
Jordon Holgerson recovering in the hospital - KATU image

A Kalama High School student who was pushed off the high arch bridge at Moulton Falls into the water below said she could have died from the fall.

The 50-foot drop into the East Fork Lewis River broke four of Jordan Holgerson's ribs and caused damage to her lung.

The 16-year-old spoke out about what happened at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver on Thursday, two days after the incident.

"I don't think I was really thinking about anything. I was just thinking of what to do. What am I going to do?" Holgerson said.

The teen told KATU News Thursday morning her friend pushed her.

In the hospital, Holgerson couldn't talk about the incident while the Clark County Sheriff's Office is investigating, but the teen described what it was like falling from that high up.

"In the air, I was trying to push myself forward so I could be straight up and down so my feet hit first, but that didn't really work," she said.

The teen said she could be released from the hospital by the end of Thursday.

Holgerson said she was shocked when she saw video of the incident.

Clark County sheriff's detectives met with Holgerson during their investigation. A spokesperson with the Sheriff's Office said the person who pushed her could face charges for assault or reckless endangerment.

The teen said it will take several weeks to recover.

"I can't do anything active for six weeks. I'm supposed to keep walking and try and make my lungs healthier," she said.