NOT TRUE: Quote about Kawhi Leonard upset at Popovich over anti-Trump comments is FAKE

Photo: NBALife / Youtube

SAN ANTONIO - A rumor has circulated across social media that Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard is upset and not answering phone calls because Coach Gregg Popovich is anti-Trump. It is a fake quote.

An image has surfaced on social media that states he told Bleacher Report he was "growing tired of people questioning his loyalty and trust for a team" and how he "once loved Coach Pop" but refuses to "play while he continues to berate our president."

So, is this true? We haven't found any evidence it is. One reporter even posted a "Fact Check" article concerning the rumor/alleged quote and rated it "FALSE." It would also be completely out of character for Kawhi. So we're going to run with "FALSE" on this one too.